A management consultancy firm solely for the legal sector.

In an environment that is undergoing transformation, with modernisation that is remodelling and redistributing services, the legal sector is becoming increasingly turbulent, competitive and unpredictable. Our objective is not only to protect our clients from losing out but to enable them to capitalise on changing market dynamics by helping retain talent, increase customer satisfaction, establish successful growth strategies and ultimately increase profitability.

We lead firms through business performance related problem solving projects, benchmark their practice and provide practical business skills training.

Our approach is based on the belief that you can only achieve true innovation by incorporating relevant outside perspectives, creating diverse teams that provide an expansive knowledge base and by following a methodical process that mitigates risks and produces measurable results.

And we don’t stop there as we look beyond improving the current performance of the legal sector by delivering workshops and seminars to law students at the UK’s top universities with the objective to provide the next generation with the practical business skills that will make a difference to their customers.

Our Services

A toolbox of offerings applied to bespoke projects that focus on resolving a specific problem.

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Our Approach

We are driven by an obsession for efficiency and effectiveness as the strongest risk mitigating factors in volatile environments.

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What our Clients say

We are proud of our work and appreciate the trust our clients put into our ability to create value
Robin Pender

Robin Pender

Principal Solicitor & Director

"Michael strives hard to understand how the business works and he is adept at identifying problems that obstruct and inhibit productivity. He certainly gave us a clearer way forward and insight into making significant and meaningful changes to our teams."

Dr. David Mlynski

Dr. David Mlynski


"Michael continues to provide an invaluable and effective mentoring service to our managers and delivers welcome advice to the board of directors on how we can implement our strategy without compromising on efficiency"

Kim Conchie

Kim Conchie


"Michael is a bright talent in business whose advice and to-the-point communication I trust"


When we come across a critical challenge in our client engagements we always make sure to share these lessons with you.

Cut Your Inbox in Half!

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Influential Super Power

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Effective Meeting Handbook

Running an effective meeting will make all the difference and is down to some very basic and intuitive techniques we suggest you to use.      

Customer Satisfaction

Like any effective Management Consulting Firm we love a good problem and in this article we want to look beyond the more common benefits of professional levels of management practices (cost & quality control, risk Read more…

Book List

Here is my list of personal favourites that I tend to recommend frequently to friends. Got one you enjoyed recently and would recommend? Let me know! What is it about? What did I enjoy about Read more…

What can we do for you?

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We help law firms to identify and resolve a full spectrum of present and potential business problems.
Our different services are tailored towards the resolution of a law firm's concrete problems as we assemble them into a bespoke and analytical problem solving project.
We believe it imperative to avoid "here is a hammer, where is a nail" conversations. But here are a few case studies to outline what a typical project looks like.
As the roots of business problems don't tend to stem from only one part of the organisation we offer industry leading skills and expertise in all of the following areas:
  • Organisational Development
  • Business Operations
  • Matter Management
  • Digital Innovation
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Human Resources & Line Management
  • Leadership
As we focus on resolving business related problems one solution is often training of practical business skills. Visit our Training Academy to learn how we take a consultative approach to teaching.
We are driven by an obsession for efficiency and effectiveness which provide the biggest impact in mitigating risks in volatile environments.
We have seen, tried, failed, tweaked and succeeded with a host of management best practices and learned that every organisation requires a bespoke implementation.
We constantly challenge the status quo, and courageously investigate the problem statement to uncover the unknown factors that resolve the perceived conflict.
We go beyond providing information but rather deliver tried and tested solutions and ensure we have a true understanding of our clients and their business; we dive in!